The Balance of Reading and Life

Hi, I’m Ky, and I’m what could be described as an avid reader. When asked what I do in my free time, the answer is always reading. When asked what my hobbies are, the first to come to mind is always reading. Reading is a big part of my life. But, reading can often become too big.

Every once in a while, I find myself picking up that one special book, the kind you simply cannot put down. While being able to find a book like this is a blessing, it can also be a curse. I often find myself teetering on the edge of mixing up my priorities. Big test tomorrow? Nothing compared to the next chapter. Party this weekend? Who can think of socializing when the main character is about to die? I find myself trapped, living in the fictional worlds of my books for days, even a week at a time. When the book is so enchanting that even when you aren’t reading your thinking about the story, you can find it easy to imagine yourself in the character’s place. I have the bad habit of always putting the book first, and everything else in life second. I live, breathe, and think in a whole different world for spans of time. As much as I love this, my teachers and friends don’t.

My grades sometimes take a hit due to my constant reading sprees. So, through my many years of reading, I’ve come to the conclusion that a balance must be had. I am in no way discouraging anyone’s love for reading, but I merely think that instead of reading, maybe study for 20 minutes and then reward yourself with a chapter or two. Replace your time wasted on social media with sneaking in a few more pages. Add reading in little bite-sized increments throughout your day. On the bus or on the way to school, 15 minutes before bed, while waiting at the doctor’s office. If you’re a fellow book-bosomed buddy, chances are you’ll be able to fit in a few pages here and there to soothe your craving.

Another way I fit in reading is by managing my time wisely. That’s the key. If I pick up a good book from the store, a book I’m sure I’ll love, I try to finish all chores, homework, and work in general that day. This way the next day I’m free to read the entire day, as much as my heart desires.

Even though I say this now, I still find it hard to put the book down when I know I need the sleep and it’s up into the wee hours of the morning. Maybe every once in a while it’s okay to let go of responsibility and stay up to finish that chapter. I know though that, at least for me, I’d be up all night every night reading if I could. But, it’s very important to keep a good sleep schedule. Maybe night reading is for weekends!

All in all, reading is fun, but it’s very important to not get lost in our fictional worlds. It is necessary that we sometimes put down the book and do our homework every night. You can always get in more reading after studying, before bed, and more. Happy reading, and we hope you find this helpful!

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