Stereotypes I simply CANNOT read any more

Readers have spoken. Here’s what it seems just about everyone is sick of reading.

-The parents of a villain being evil or dead

It would be interesting to have a villain who was raised without hardships and is just evil for the fun of it. Not everyone evil was once nice, yes a killer (quite literally) backstory makes for a riveting read. Albeit, overall a unique character is what will keep me reading the story. I’d like to clarify that many characters have interesting backgrounds WITH nice, perfectly sane parents that are still alive. It is definitely possible.

-Love triangles

I hear a lot of people grieve and gripe about these, so I’ve given them their fair slot on this list. I personally don’t mind a well written, realistic love triangle every now and then. Unfortunately, the number of times they are unrealistic and thrown into the story for the heck of it, is ever increasing. Whenever an author gets into the funk of writing a book they think their readers want to read vs what they want to write, quirky things like random unexplained love triangles always get put into the mix. It’s a shame this trope has earned itself such a dicey reputation.

-Gender Stereotypes

Valley girls, rich girls, nerds, geeks, jocks, etc. This is a list that could go on for miles. I go to school with human beings, so the people in these YA books I’m reading must be aliens. They are so far out and different compared to reality. Authors have a bottomless pit of characteristics to pick and choose, mix together, but they stop after one. A person is not only a jock. A person is not only their money or ability to do makeup. I know there are many books out there that have fallen prey to this, but I’m sure there are even more that haven’t.

-City girl meets country boy

I think this was a cute idea when it was first introduced, but the amount of books its now monopolized makes reading somewhat monotonous.

-Forbidden love

Oui with the poodles already! (if you can tell me what this is from let’s just say I’ll be highly impressed). This is only iconic when it’s found in classics such as Romeo and Juliet. Its become overwritten to the point of exhaustion. I’d like a new outlook on forbidden love, a story that’s unique and NOT told in a hundred different only slightly varying books (if you have suggestions, I’m in dire need).

-Dark broody men with no redeeming qualities other than being handsome

Been there, done that, like 1,000 times. It’s media like this that makes girls think it’s okay to date a douche as long as he’s sexy. WRONG. This even ties in with the gender stereotypes just a wee bit. Men do not have to be brooding, handsome, mysterious, etc. to be deemed desirable in another’s eyes.

-Skinny girls with unrealistic love lives

Talk about toxic media. I’d like to see all body types without any special spotlights going to a character just because of their body type. Being skinny doesn’t guarantee anyone a date (or a rom-com worthy romance).

-Emotionally distant heroines

Personally, I need to be able to step into the heroine’s shoes. They need to be relatable and riveting to keep me turning pages. Humans are not emotionless. They have feelings, thoughts, and the ability to form opinions. Therefore the characters in the books I’m reading (who are not robots) should too. (Except in Cinder but she’s only 36% cyborg hehe).

I tried to incorporate everyone’s answer that I received, but there were just so many! Here are a few that I completely agree with! Comment your opinions, I’d love to know!

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    1. Ah, I’m so glad someone got it! I’m definitely a hardcore Gilmore fan. Also, yes!!! I’m hoping YA will evolve more in 2019. Fingers crossed!

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