Relieving Stress

Hey guys! Since school is starting up again soon for a lot of us and I’m very prone to stress and anxiety, I thought I’d help some of my fellow Book-Bosomed Buddies with the same issues!

First off, this might not help everyone, but it sure helps me!

In my life I’ve gone from having all the time in the world at a party school with no homework to projects and homework every night in one year, and now I’m going to have even more homework every night at my new school. My tip is to not procrastinate. I know that sounds tough, trust me, but it’s the only thing I can tell you. You can visit my article on how to help that right here!

Another thing: breathe. If you notice your heart rate rising, your anger level rising, your breathing quickening, or anything of the sort, just breathe. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, hold for four seconds. That’s called square breathing, and you can do it however many times you need. You can just do any breathing rituals you find. Look up calming gifs and apps when you need to.

If any of you guys get sore when you’re stressed, I’m with you. By the end of the school year I couldn’t even touch my shoulders without tears coming to my eyes: they were so tight and sore that they were rock-hard. If you have the money, massages can help. But if you don’t like physical contact or anything related to massages, then I suggest Tiger Balm or something of the sorts if you don’t mind the scent. I got a pain-relieving cream from Walmart that worked wonders—it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Just make sure to apply it with gloves and wash your hands after.

I really hope these tips help. In reality, I’m partly writing this article so that I remember these tips for myself! I hope you guys have fun and do well in school, but remember to not do harm to yourself by overworking!

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