New Years Resolutions

To start off the new year, I’ve decided to document some of the goals I have in relation to the blog, reading, writing, and photography. Having a clear, specific list of my goals will hopefully serve as motivation as 2019 goes on.

Since our blog is self-hosted, there is lots to learn. Specifically, in the department of aesthetics, I’d like to be able to navigate the theme and work with code in the back end of the site. I’d like for our blog to be customized outside of the norms of the theme, in an effort to match aesthetics with the style of our writing.

In regards to the timing in which we post, I’d like to keep a regular schedule. My hope is that we will post once a week, every weekend. Between both Livia and I, I’m sure this is going to be doable. We’ve already started formulating plans for an organization system that will ensure this goal is met, without any last minute BS posts.

Since I mentioned BS posts, allow me to elaborate. We want our content to be written to the best of our abilities, every single time. The integrity of our writing is something we will be shining a spotlight on this year. Not to say that we haven’t been up to date, but there have been a few instances where we ended up writing a post the day before and didn’t allow sufficient editing time.

For me, I’ve set a personal goal to just read. I’m trying not to set a specific number for myself for two reasons. First, I’ll never remember to log all the books I read anyways, 2018 taught me I’m a bit of a forgetful lass. Second, reading isn’t homework for me, but nstead a chosen activity I enjoy doing. The moment I attach numbers and due dates to how and when I read, it’ll start to stray from a beloved hobby to a dreaded chore. I don’t want this to happen. I want to read because I enjoy it, no ulterior motives needed. Even having said this, I do want to read more. In 2019 my goal is to cut down on useless Netflix bingeing and focus my time on something more worthy.

Speaking of spending my time on something more worthy, I’d like to put more of my time into my WIP. I WILL finish the first draft of my manuscript this year. It’s a dream, not to mention a passion of mine to write. I’m going to try to set mini, non-specific goals in hopes it helps me power through and finish the dang thing. I’ve learned from NaNoWriMo that setting word count goals brings more feelings of disappointment than happiness, at least in my case. Stay tuned to be updated as I try to find a system that works uniquely with me. Livia plans on finishing a first draft of a manuscript by July first, as mentioned in a previous post. She will most definitely let you know when her manuscript is finished as well.

I’ve been borrowing my father’s camera to take photos for the blog and bookstgram, seeing as I don’t have my own. He doesn’t use it much, so I’ve pretty much adopted it as my own. I’ve been functioning on an archaically basic knowledge of how to use the pesky thing for the past year. 2019 is the year to change that. I will either take a photography class or scour the internet to learn all the capabilities of my Nikon D2300. Editing goes along with this hand in hand. I’ve already started to learn basic editing tips and tricks, and now it’s all about applying them and learning more. Livia plans on getting a camera for herself, adding more variety to the scenery of our photos due to the fact that she now lives in the forest. She wants to take some pictures in the snow with her fellow bibliophiles. She cannot wait to contribute to the photography scene of our blog!

Let us know some of your new year resolutions! Keep us updated on how they are going; we’d love to chat about books, WIPs, or photography and as you can probably tell, we are always in need of tips and feedback! From Liv and I both, we thank you so much for taking the time to read what we have to write and we wish you a wonderful new year!

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