Kingdom of Ash Thoughts and Opinions

It’s been less than 5 minutes since I’ve finished Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas and I’m still crying. My mind is just in awe, or maybe shock. Since I don’t know many others who have read this, throughout the book I’ve had to keep my thoughts to myself. So here is where I will ramble in hopes to ease the weight this book has put on my thoughts. THERE WILL BE MANY SPOILERS. So beware.

Spoilers ahead.

I’m not kidding.

You better not keep reading if you’ve never read the book.

Anyways, I needed more. There were so many lovely characters, unique and just overall brilliant. Aelin had a lot of intricate relationships and I felt like there was too much fill in the blank. I wish there was more dialogue and interactions with her and all of her court, in particular, Elide, Fenrys, Lorcan, and Ren. She doesn’t really get one on one time with these people and it made it harder to get to know the real dynamic behind their relationships.

This book brought forth in me a love for Fenrys I didn’t know existed. I didn’t understand how, after months of torture together, Aelin and Fenrys didn’t have more of a highlight in their interactions. I had hoped, because of the shared trauma, they would’ve been inseparable for at least a while after she escaped. Another thought of mine: Aelin recovered awfully fast for having been tortured for three months, I personally wish Maas would’ve gone deeper into detail with Aelin’s mindset and her thoughts; putting more of a spotlight on her recovery.

I’m also not sure how much of a fan I am of Rowan and Aelin being all lovey dovey. Yes, I know they’re mates. I love them as mates, they might just be my favorite to people, ever.  But I was head over heels for Empire of Storms, how Aelin was cunning and crafty, hiding truths and revealing big surprises. Granted, I didn’t want Kingdom of Ash to be just like Empire of Storms, my point is only that I wish Aelin hadn’t gotten so mushy and soft when it came to Rowan, and that she still kept things from him, on a larger scale than what happened in the book.

On another note,  I find it upsetting Aelin’s scars just disappeared. I’ve actually heard this opinion a few times, I believe. Her scars were symbolic, they meant a lot, and they were just washed away. I’m not sure how I feel about that, or the lack of her near depth less magic. I know I shouldn’t love a person just because of their magical abilities, but I think fire was a big part of Aelin and taking most of it away broke my heart. I understand why it happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m happy about it. In fact, it even makes perfect sense, ar cannot be won without sacrifice.

After contemplation and proper time to wrap my mind around the entire book, I realized something. This isn’t necessarily bad, nor did I notice it right away but, there are many similarities between the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and this one. The first one being that both Rhysand and Aelin knew that they had mates but they refrained from telling them, out of their unselfish and unconditional love for them.Not only this, but in general I felt like Aelin and Rhysand had very similar personalities. In particular, they were both burdened by the weight of having to save everyone, their responsibilities as leaders and they were both willing to sacrifice everything. They also both spent long years imprisoned, going through considerable mental trauma and torture. Another similarity is how Aelin and Rowan got married in secret as did Rhysand and Feyre, and it’s revealed when both Aelin and Feyre are in enemy hands. Och, having them both reveal they were married was just about the cutest darn thing I’ve ever read, so fear not, this is not a complaint. Just pointing out facts.

Okay I believe my rant is over. I’ve finally stopped crying now, and for that I’m glad. It feels as if a long time friend of mine has just left me, disappeared from my life. I will never be able to read this book for the first time again, but I have high hopes that they’ll create a time machine in the future, enabling me to travel back and reread this whole series again for the first time. Fingers crossed. Sorry you had to read my disgustedly informal rant. The comment are open. I’d LOVE to discuss any part of this series with you!

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