How to Keep Yourself Productive

Hello, friends! Obviously, it’s summer now, and it’s extremely hot here where Ky and I live. But summer doesn’t only mean heat and pool parties; it also means free time. Lots of it. Free time can be good or bad. If you’re super busy, free time means that you can finally relax and unwind. But, if you’re like me and you never get out of the house, summer means only one thing: boredom.

I do a few things to keep myself occupied in the summer. I watch movies, I annoy my little sister, I watch murder shows with my mom, scroll through my feed, and that’s basically it. But those things aren’t necessarily good for you. My goal is to read tons of books this summer, and I’m nowhere near my goal. It’s time that I become more productive. Ironically, I have some tips on doing so.

First off, set a goal. Do you want to lose thirty pounds by August? That’s your goal! Do you want to finish writing one of your many unfinished projects by the end of the year? Go for it! Your goal depends on who you are as a person, and make sure your goal relates to things you love to do. Otherwise, there’s a lesser chance of you achieving it.

Next, start working towards your goal. Now, this has a lot to do with procrastination. Don’t procrastinate. I repeat, do not procrastinate!!! Feeling bored? Go work out right now, four rounds of twenty sit-ups, ten push-ups, and fifteen squats. Oh, but you want to finish the second season of that show you’ve been binge-watching? Well, what about your goal? Will you give up your goal just to finish a season of Once Upon a Time? No. You’d better not.

That ties into my third tip: remind yourself of your goal. Write it on a sticky note and put it on the mirror. Put a reminder in your phone. If you forget your goal, you will not reach it. When you don’t feel like writing, remind yourself of your goal and go write for an hour. You’re tired and you don’t feel like working out? Remind yourself of your goal and go do it. Trust me, you’ll feel more energized after it. You can’t give up. You can do this.

Well, I suppose that’s it for the day. Please remember to keep your goals, and I hope these tips help your productivity. Have a great day!

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