A while ago the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver was recommended to me. As a young girl, I thought that it would be a good read. I read it, and I loved it. But, I got caught up in a different book after and completely forgot about it. Therefore, I have recently refinished it in order to catch up before I read the rest of the series.

Delirium takes place in the US in the future, more specifically in Portland, Maine. In this futuristic society, love is declared as a disease. Yes, a disease. In this book, there is a cure for love, and it is required that every citizen receives it when they turn eighteen. In the beginning, I began to think that was a bit childish, but later in the book, I realized how rational it is.

The story follows Lena, whose mother could not be cured of love and committed suicide. Lena cannot wait to get the procedure to prevent love. But Evaluation Day, the day where her whole life is decided for her, is interrupted by a group of rebels from outside the borders of each city, called Invalids (a word which has a double meaning in this book). While a stampede of cows is running through her Evaluation room, Lena sees a boy watching her. And he is laughing. Later in the book, Lena reunites with this boy, named Alex. Alex has a secret, and his secret will change the course of Lena’s life forever.

As the book went on, I noticed many things I loved about it. First, the masterful character development. Lauren Oliver described Lena’s feelings and her changes of heart and basically everything about her perfectly. Everything makes sense. Lena begins by needing the procedure to take away her ability to love and slowly transitions into hating it and needing Alex instead. Lauren Oliver clearly knows everything about her character and becomes her when writing her.

Another thing: plot twists. Seriously, some twists in this book made me squeal. I won’t spoil anything, but a lot of things change. Although, I would’ve liked the twists to have given me more whiplash. The twists all seem to be quick, but the transitions were smooth. However, it all depends on what types of books you prefer.

As a writer, I admire how well Lauren Oliver describes her places and people and senses. Actually, I admire her writing skills in general. But, I often found myself skipping through lengthy sentences. I probably missed a few important things because of how boring I found them. If I were to have edited this piece, I most likely would have separated some sentences into shorter ones, to keep people reading.

In total, Delirium is a very good book. It took a few chapters for me to willingly read it, but in the end, I’m glad that I did. I enjoyed how well Lauren Oliver wrote the main character, and I loved the plot twists. Her writing is amazing. I rate the book a four out of five stars. Now, onto the rest of the series!

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