Academy of Assassins & Heart of Assassins

This week I re-read Academy of Assassins by Stacey Brutger because I found out the second book was released! I was very excited and tore through not only the first but also the second book, Heart of Assassins. I’m happy to say that these books are amazing! I’m almost ashamed to admit this, considering how cheesy and repetitive these books can be, but for some reason, I love them anyway. But for the sake of this review, I suppose I’ll nitpick a little.

The first story starts off with fantastic world building. You understand all the dynamics and everything that’s going on. But as you make your way to the second book, things become confusing. I found myself often looking back and re-reading passages multiple times, in an attempt to comprehend the story. They throw you into an alternate universe with little background information.

Moving on to the main female character, Morgon: I love, love, loved her! For what feels like the first time in forever, I completely agree with everything the main character does. She’s a strong female, but she’s been through a lot and it shows. She has doubts like a normal person and she’s never described as perfect. Onto the romance side of the story. Ever heard of a love triangle? Well, this is even more insane! Morgan is in love with 5 people, and those 5 guys are all head over heels for her. Those guys are also described as being perfect, setting unrealistic body expectations for men and for girls to have in men. One of these men, Kincade, thinks it’s his right to push Morgan around, telling her what to do and controlling her life. Morgan still loves him through this, making it seem acceptable to treat people in a similar fashion. Another main character, Atlas, really develops in the second book. We get to see a little more of his thought process and get to know him as a person better, whereas in the first book he’s mostly described as having indifference towards everyone. Although, as a reader, I find it odd and unrealistic, that in the first book Atlas doesn’t want anything to do with Morgan. He ignores her and whatnot, then in the second book he describes Morgan as being his world ever since he met her, but he’s just now showing it in the second book. I realize Atlas has many reasons for hiding his feelings, but I feel like it shouldn’t have been such an extreme change in emotions from one book to the next.

Lastly, while Brutger is a lovely writer, a few of her descriptions became old and repetitive towards the end of the second book. I hope in future books her writing grows and evolves more. I definitely plan on reading them!

In general, I’d love to see more female friends for Morgan. Not everyone she meets and associates with has to be in love with her. But that’s just tiny—I love a good romance!

I know it sounds like I didn’t like a lot of things in this book, but this was me really nitpicking every little thing that slightly annoyed me. This book is fabulous! If you can deal with a little bit of cheesy-ness and stereotypes then I highly recommend! I couldn’t put it down! 4 out of 5 stars.

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