Get to know us! We are two friends who share a love for anything book related! Whether it be taking photos of books, reading books, or writing them, we enjoy it!

Hello friends! We are Ky and Liv, the admins. We met almost three years ago and since then we have shared our love of reading and writing. We are actually currently writing a book together. A few months back, we had an amazing idea to create a book review blog. We asked Liv’s father, a software engineer, to help us out. And now, we are here! But, the journey is nowhere near complete. Our goal is to become close to all of our readers. We hope that we meet a ton of new Book-Bosomed Buddies on this site!

Hello! I am Liv, one of the admins. I love reading and writing very much. I have an adorable dog named Lolo who is a supposedly purebred Yorkshire terrier. I love rain and the woods. My favorite colors are dark purple and navy blue, like a true Ravenclaw! I’m in tenth grade. My favorite genres are fantasy, dystopian, and historical fiction. I hope to bond with our readers as quickly as possible!

Hullo! I am Ky, the other admin. I too love reading and you’ll never find me without a book in my hands! Writing is another passion of mine.  I’m a complete night owl who’s obsessed with science, rain, and roller derby. I enjoy my spending my time listening to music, coaching a cheer squad, and organizing.  My favorites genres to read are currently fantasy, romance, and dystopian. I’m looking forward to meeting more avid readers like me soon!

We are both so happy to be here and we hope that you enjoy our blog!