2018 Recap

2018 is coming to a close. For a girl with an infinite to-do list, this ever-moving timeline can be somewhat daunting. The beckoning new year brings my time—or lack of which—sharply into perspective. To keep myself in bright spirits I’ve decided to reflect/recap some of the things Livia and I were able to accomplish this year pertaining to not only our blog, but also our writing, and our place amongst the bookstagram community. At the beginning of summer 2018, Livia and I started Book Bosomed Buddies, our first blog. We were able to post somewhat regularly for the majority of summer and all was well. School hit us harder than an anvil in a cartoon, and we needed a break. I personally just wasn’t organized enough at the time to pull off everything that had to get done, and my lofty ideas soon became a hindrance to keeping a manageable schedule. Around mid-August, I decided we were not only going to switch domain names, but also the platform in which we hosted our website. My mind was set in stone that we needed a self-hosted website, no matter that neither Livia nor I knew how to manage a self-hosted website. It’s something we’re still working to learn to this day (Livia and I are still very confused, but we are working on it). Looking back at where we started and compared to where we are now… I’m astonished and proud, yet even more ready to work even harder in 2019 to really improve not only the visual aspects of our website but also the integrity of our reviews and posts.  Yes, this transition caused us to go into a sort of hibernation, but it gave me the time to gather my wits and come up with an organized schedule for writing, posting, and picture taking. For the past month or so, Liv and I have been meeting our goal of posting every week around 80% of the time. Taking the time to reflect back on that percentage opens up roads to improve that percentage until it reaches 100%.

Onto writing. Blogging aside, both Liv and I have a passion for writing. This year for me, was a big milestone in my development as a writer. For the first time ever, I participated in NaNoWriMo. I felt confident enough to do this because I had finally stumbled upon a book idea I loved. It wasn’t like my past ideas, where I’d write nonstop for all of a week, then slowly putter out. No, this one felt right. I’d often find my mind disappearing into this fictional world I’d created, I knew my characters, could hear them conversing in my head. The plot was exhilarating to write, idea after idea flowing out, and all working together in an exciting way. This is the book I want to be published someday, this is a book I want to read so badly there is no option but to finish. While NaNoWriMo didn’t turn out as successfully as I had planned on it being, it gave me invaluable insight into my story. Writing on a schedule doesn’t really work for, as I discovered throughout November, but I have lofty goals for my manuscript for 2019. Livia is rather swamped with school, but she tries to write as much as she can while still having time for other things. However, she may need to cut down her Netflix binge-watching schedule. She has had a similar experience to mine and is currently experimenting with writing in third-person. She’s a few chapters into a new project that she is really looking forward too. Livia is also contemplating going back to her longest book that she wrote in the summer to incorporate some things she’s learned in her creative writing class (thanks Ms. Pohl!). She and I have set a goal. If she doesn’t finish a manuscript by July first, she must buy me at least one book! (completely her idea, by the way). Either way, I get a new thing to read in July! We both hope to make a ton of progress this year, and we hope our fellow authors reading this do too!

When moving onto the subject of reading, there isn’t much to go into depth on. This is unfortunately due to my poor ability to keep track of what I’ve read. At the beginning of the year, I had set a very high goal on GoodReads, but I lacked the follow through to now be able to reflect on my progress towards completing that goal. I have noted, however, that the amount of books I’ve read on a daily basis has slowly declined, the further we’ve moved into 2018. Livia feels the same, but she is hoping to get back into reading again. She just finished Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, and she must say: Wow. We both hope to read as much as we write, for what is a writer who can’t appreciate other writers’ work?

Also in 2018, I started a bookstagram account to serve as a platform for our blog. I’ve never been very good at the upkeep involved in social media so there were many times this year where we did not keep a regular posting schedule. Despite this, I was able to interact with other bibliophiles with the same fervor for reading and become somewhat immersed in the community feel of bookstagram. In addition, running this account pushed me towards photography (we kind of needed photos to post!) so I was really creatively pushed to come up with original photos and unique angles in which to take them. Throughout this process, my knowledge of the inner workings of photography grew. Livia hopes to get a camera so that she can join the effort. We will see!

Overall, 2018 was a fast-paced year. One where both Livia and I decided to jump head first into a whole world we knew practically nothing about. I, for one, was definitely throw for a loop, and both of us went through a huge learning curve. This blog has helped us stay close as friends and coming into 2019, I hope it helps us build more relationships with other bibliophiles around the world. We hope you have an amazing year!

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